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Colourful boatsheds on Chelsea beach
Colourful boatsheds on Chelsea beach

The Kingston Boatshed Association (KBA) is an Association of owners of boatsheds and bathing boxes within the City of Kingston, in Victoria, Australia. These fascinating, colourful wooden buildings can be seen on numerous beaches all around Port Phillip and are historic icons from Victoria's past that have been preserved for current and future generations to enjoy.

This website contains information about these structures as well as information and news about the KBA and its members.

Latest news

Photo gallery update
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16-Aug-2021 – Updated photo gallery

• Added two recent photos to the ‘Boatsheds’ photo gallery, showing three boatsheds (#968, #976 and #980) that have been repainted with distinctly different color schemes.

– Ian Fieggen (Webmaster)